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A note to Wyrmy: Your art trade may or may not cause a slight flood of Neopets fanart after I’m done with Gelert Assassin because I just noticed that a good number of my favorite characters do NOT have fanart.

I see this as a challenge. I have to fix this.


There were a lot of people wondering what KCB’s transformation looked like after being devoured by the cybug, which inspired me to try animating how it might’ve looked like.
This took me about 8 months on and off, and i’m pretty sure i’m not gonna be animating something with so many legs and stripes again any time soon but it was still fun to make


Oh holy mother of god you are a beautiful person for making this. The animation in his shapeshifting front claws to normal hands in particular is very smooth and well thought out in terms of how the animation would go. I can’t stop watching those hands.

Time well spent. Time well spent.

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