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shrek one:
shrek two:
the funniest movie i have ever seen. literally one of the funniest comedies of all time. incredible pacing and dialogue. reference jokes that were actually funny. surreal world that was so modern fantasy it actually worked. rocking score. awesome scene set to "i need a hero" being sung by the villain unironically and completely played straight. a bar of villains. just overall the best concepts ever.
shrek three:
shrek four:

Filed under Hey now Shrek one was...okay I always feel my interest leave me when they reveal Fiona is an ogre the movie just kind of dies after that scene and then we have the 'oh no mix-up' scene Shrek

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I’ve taken to using sticky notes to write down my vague drawing ideas and then sticking them on the wall behind my drawing work station. Even if it’s just a passing idea. That way I don’t forget stuff and I won’t fall so easily into idea-themed art blocks.

I’m shooting for more art. More art!

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i made my own tag meme

  • why is
  • im gonna
  • dont
  • i cant
  • look at
  • where
  • stop

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Filed under Why is King Candybug so amazing I make fun of Kingdom Hearts but I'm still gonna buy the third game when it comes out Don't worry; that marriage was going nowhere I can't believe that my most stolen artwork is fanart of The Wuzzles Look at Wreck-it Ralph peacefully coexisting with Frozen on those book covers I actually had a crush on this villain when I was younger Disney's The Sword in the Stone

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"Man, the Frozen fandom just needs to let it go and stop talking about Frozen! They’re clearly obsessed! Stupid, dumb fans constantly talking about Frozen!"

*types ten paragraphs on how lazy Anna and Elsa’s designs are for the 500th time*
*reblogs Frozen criticisms all day*
*gets worked up at any and all Frozen-related news, no matter how small, like a new book or a new short*
*has a tag called “frozen hate” or “frozen criticism” on blog that stretches into forever*
*reblogs any sign of someone comparing the movie to another movie in a way that craps on Frozen*
*has to say “This looks good unlike Frozen!” in a comment on any trailer of any upcoming animated short, show, or movie*

Filed under you know the funny thing is when I hate a movie I tend not to talk about it what's funny is these people are like 'People need to stop talking about Frozen!' when they go on forever and forever about how lazy and stupid and awful this film is